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1 style45.–45.–85.–
2 styles85.–85.–150.–
3 styles120.–120.–200.–
4 styles150.–150.–250.–
additional styles+25.–+25.– 
Family (8 styles)250.–250.–490.–

Prices in Swiss francs (CHF).

For free trial fonts please get in contact by email.

1. Price is valid for a Single User License, which allows you to install and use the fonts on 1–5 computers/users within your organization.

2. Self-hosted webfonts (woff, woff2, eot). Allowed traffic is limited to 50k unique visitors per month within all domains owned by your organization.

Please read carefully the End User License Agreement. For multi user licenses please get in contact by email.


Print: End User License Agreement EULA_print.pdf
Web: End User License Agreement EULA_web.pdf