Linea 72 Regular Kontur
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Hommage to 1972

Linea 72 was designed by Roland Hirter back in the phototypesetting days, when typefaces were really drawn by hand. In this static environment each work step took its time. The decision to digitize this typeface also meant to develop it further. That’s why the font now includes ten stylistic sets, offering stylistic alternatives of many characters. Linea 72 comes in the two original styles Regular and Kontur. Additional styles are planned for the use as fancy colour fonts.

Design: Roland Hirter, 1972 / Thomas Hirter, 2022

Lexik Light Italic Regular Italic Medium Italic Bold Italic Black Italic
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The vocabulary of a typeface

In order to describe the character of a typeface, we need to analyse the forms from which it is composed. It is the library of forms that determines its appearance. In linguistics, the term lexis (from Ancient Greek λέξις) designates the complete set of all possible words in a language. In the case of Lexik and its visual vocabulary it is a mixture of generous round forms and radical and angular endings. During the design process a number of humanist antiqua typefaces were examined, resulting in the generous proportions and the excellent legibility. On the other hand, it is the coarse shaping of the serifs and endings that constitutes Lexik's contemporary look.

Design: Thomas Hirter in cooperation with Binnenland, 2021

Lunica Thin Italic Light Italic Regular Italic Medium Italic
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Monoline charme

Lunica is a monolinear interpretation of a serif typeface. Classic serif faces tend to have contrasting horizontal and vertical strokes, so this rather dogmatic focus on a constant line weight is unconventional. The geometric serifs and flourishes inspired by handwriting are what lends Lunica its quaint, poetic and strong individual character. To emphasise this monoline concept – apart from the overshoot on round shapes – no optical corrections were made. The round endings emphasize the graphic impact and give the typeface an appearance of an engraving font.

Design: Thomas Hirter, 2014/2016