Linea 72 Print 1 Web 2 Print & Web
1 style25.–25.–40.–
2 styles40.–40.–60.–

Lexik is available at Binnenland Typefaces

LunicaPrint 1Web 2Print & Web
1 style45.–45.–85.–
2 styles85.–85.–150.–
3 styles120.–120.–200.–
4 styles150.–150.–250.–
additional styles+25.–+25.– 
Family (8 styles)250.–250.–490.–

Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF).

1. Price is valid for a Single User License, which allows you to install and use the fonts on 1–5 computers/users within your organization.

2. Self-hosted webfonts (woff & woff2).

Please read carefully the End User License Agreements. For multi user licenses please get in contact by email.

License Agreements

Print: End User License Agreement EULA_print.pdf
Web: End User License Agreement EULA_web.pdf
Trial Fonts: Yet to come

Order / Delivery

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The font files will be delivered within a maximum of 24 hours, usually faster.


By invoice (payable within 30 days) or payment in advance.

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